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Prof.Alex Torpiano
B.E.&A.(Hons) (Melit), MSc.(Lond), PhD (Bath), DIC, M.I.StructE., C.Eng., Eur.Ing. perit

Professor Alex Torpiano is currently Dean of the Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta; He is also Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design, but he has previously served as Head of the Department of Building and Civil Engineering, 1988-1999 and 2007-2011, as Head of the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, 2011-2016. He set up and directed the Institute for Masonry and Construction Research, over the period 1994 – 2009. He is currently a Member of Senate, and of the Council of the University of Malta, as well as Board Member in the Institute of Sustainable Enegry, and of Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

He was a founding partner of TBA periti in 1988, and in his private practice, he worked on some notable heritage buildings, including the House of Catalunya, the Auberge de Provence, Valletta,Villa Bichi, Kalkara, structural interventions on three of the main Megalithic Prehistoric Temple sites, especially Mnajdra, after relative collapses, Fort Chambray and Fort Cambridge, and the Mdina Fortifications. He was also Lead Consultant in aoM partnership, who handled the Manoel Island/Tigne Point Redevelopment Project between 1993 and 2013, within which context he was responsible for leading the restoration design team for the Chapel of St.Luke, Tigne’, Fort Manoel and the Lazzaretto Complex on Manoel Island, Fort Tigne’ and the Garden Battery on Tigne’ Point.

He was also responsible for the structural engineering of buildings such as Park Towers, and the architectural and structural design of the ICT Building at the University, and the Mriehel Bank of Valletta Building.
He is currently President of the Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers, and represents the Chamber on the Periti Waranting Board.​

Prof. Alex Torpiano
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In his latest book on the topic, Prof.Arnold Cassola utilizes exclusively primary Ottoman sources (1564-1566), supplemented by contemporary evidence based on Balbi di Correggio’s 1568 diary in Spanish, to recount the 1565 Great Siege of Malta in a different way, i.e. from Süleyman the Magnificent’s perspective.


What preparations did the great Lawgiver undertake before the Siege?  What were the concerns, worries, the daily needs, the technicalities that he had to attend to during the siege, and in its immediate aftermath?  Based, as he was, in Constantinople (Istanbul), thousands of kilometres away from where the action was happening in Malta, how did the Sultan handle and coordinate the military action on the ground, whilst having to tackle other pressing problems arising in the different corners of his Empire, from Crimea to Algeria, from Morocco to the Epirus and Aetolia-Acarnania regions, from Anatolia to Macedonia?  

Cassola’s book will try to answer these questions through the behaviour, actions and thoughts of  Süleyman, as they transpire from the original commands and orders that he sent out in 1564-1566 to the various and different areas of the Ottoman Empire in Anadolu (Asia), Rumeli (Europe) and the Maghrib (North Africa). 


Arnold Cassola is Professor of Maltese and Comparative Literature at the University of Malta. He has also taught at the Universities of Catania (1981-1983) and Roma “La Sapienza” (1983-1988). He co-founded Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party in 1989 and was elected Secretary General of the European Green Party in Brussels (1999-2006) and Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (2006-2008)

He is the author of scores of academic publications and around thirty books, amongst which The Biblioteca Vallicelliana “Regole per la lingua maltese” (1992), ll “Mezzo Vocabolario” Maltese-Italiano del ‘700 (1996), The 1565 Ottoman “Malta Campaign Register” (1998), L’italiano di Malta (1998), The 1565 Great Siege of Malta and Hipólito Sans’s “La Maltea” (1999), The Literature of Malta: an example of Unity in Diversity (2000), El Gran Sitio de Malta 1565 (2002), Francesco Vella (1793-1868) - an unsung protagonist of Maltese language development (2003), Garibaldi, Capuana, Rizzo - due italiani a Malta, un italo-maltese a Tunisi (2007), Lost Maltese Newspapers of the 19thCentury (2011), Malta - People, Toponymy, Language (4th Century B.C. - 1600) (2012), The Belgian Memoirs of a Maltese Intellectual - Giovan Francesco Buonamico (1639-1680) (2012), The German Memoirs of a Maltese Intellectual - Giovan Francesco Buonamico (1639-1680) (2013), Malta-Pachino - una storia in comune (2014, with Silvio Aliffi), I Maltesi di Trapani (1419 -1455) (2015) and Malta-Sicily –People, Patriots, Commerce (1770-1860) (2016).


Prof.Arnold Cassola
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