About Our Club

The Chartering of Rotary Club Malta


Rotary Club Malta was chartered at a dinner held on the 6 October 1967 at the Sa Maison Hotel in Pieta, Malta. The founding members of the club, under the Presidency of Anthony Miceli Farrugia, were:

  • Maurice Agius Vadala
  • Salvino Busuttil
  • George Camilleri
  • Victor Captur
  • Joe Caruana Curran
  • Roger de Giorgio
  • Louis E Galea
  • Giuseppe Gatt
  • Fr.Maurice Grech
  • John Manduca
  • Victor Mercieca
  • Anthony Miceli Farrugia (President)
  • Luka Luigi Miceli
  • Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici
  • Albert Mizzi
  • Antonio Pace 
  • John Pullicino
  • Victor Ragonesi 
  • Eddie Sammut
  • George Sammut
  • Philip Toledo 
  • Maurice Zammit Tabona 
The guests of honour at the charter dinner were Sir Maurice Dorman, the then Governor of Malta, Dr. George Borg Olivier, the Prime Minister, and Archbishop Mgr. Sir Michael Gonzi.  ​Visiting Rotarians attending the charter dinner were:
  • Raimondo Alliata,
  • Andrea Alloto
  • Harry Berger
  • Giacchino Consalvo Bertini
  • Harry Carver
  • Gugliemo Grassi Orsini
  • Francesco Guadalupi
  • Christian Hansen Finsbury
  • Max Honsell
  • Karl Wakefield
  • Giuseppe Pelligrino Milazzo
  • Peppino Ragonese di Gregorio
  • Leopoldo Rodriquez
  • Eugenio Siracusano
  • Francesco Trio.

The Club's Charter Certificate was eventually presented by the Rotary International President, Luther Hodges, to the founder President, Anthony Miceli Farrugia, at a dinner held on the 5 December 1967, at the Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana.