Rotary Club Malta's Productive Day at Dar il-Kaptan: Repainting Rooms and Contributing to the Cold Room Project

The Rotary Club Malta recently organized a highly productive and fulfilling hands-on day, at a renowned center that provides respite care for individuals with disabilities. The club members enthusiastically volunteered their time and skills to repaint the rooms on the first floor, fostering a fresh and welcoming environment for the center's residents. Moreover, during this event, the Rotary Club Malta proudly handed over a generous check of €26,000 to support the cold room project at Dar il-Kaptan. This remarkable contribution exemplifies the club's commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

The Rotary Club Malta believes in actively engaging in community service, and the hands-on day was a testament to this belief. Club members, armed with brushes, rollers, and gallons of paint, set out to revitalize the rooms on the first floor. The day was filled with energy and camaraderie as the volunteers worked tirelessly to transform the living spaces into comfortable and vibrant areas for the residents.

By repainting the rooms, the Rotary Club Malta aimed to create an environment that not only uplifts the spirits of the individuals at Dar il-Kaptan but also enhances their overall well-being. The project was a true collaboration, with club members working side by side with the dedicated staff at the center. In addition to providing a fresh coat of paint, the volunteers took the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the staff, gaining valuable insights into the center's operations and the challenges they face.

The Cold Room Project:

During the hands-on day, the Rotary Club Malta took the opportunity to present a check of €29,000 to support the cold room project at Dar il-Kaptan. This substantial contribution will go a long way in assisting the center in its mission to improve the quality of care for the residents. The cold room will provide secure and efficient storage space for perishable items, ensuring that the center can offer nutritious meals and preserve medications appropriately.

The club members expressed their delight in being able to contribute to such a vital project. By supporting the cold room initiative, the Rotary Club Malta aims to enhance the overall experience of the individuals at Dar il-Kaptan, providing them with the necessary resources to live healthier and more comfortable lives.

The Impact:

The combined efforts of the Rotary Club Malta members, along with the generosity of their €29,000 donation, will have a profound impact on the lives of the residents at Dar il-Kaptan. The newly painted rooms will provide a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere, promoting a sense of dignity and happiness among the residents. Moreover, the cold room project will ensure that the center can effectively store and utilize perishable items, improving the quality and nutritional value of meals provided to the residents.



The Rotary Club Malta's hands-on day was a resounding success, bringing together club members, staff, and residents in a shared spirit of compassion and dedication. Through the repainting of rooms and the significant €29,000 donation for the cold room project, the club has demonstrated its commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

The Rotary Club Malta continues to be a shining example of community service and philanthropy. By actively engaging in projects that address critical needs, such as the cold room project at Dar il-Kaptan, the club exemplifies the Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self." The success of this endeavor serves as an inspiration for others to come together and create a meaningful impact in their communities.