Contact: Tonio Cuschieri
25,00 €
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MADAC Playhouse
The Club Rooms
St.Venera Square
St.Venera,  SVR1682

"California Suite"

by Neil Simon

MADC Playhouse, The Club Rooms, St Venera Square, St Venera, SVR 1682

Doors open at 7.30pm and the play will start at 8.00pm


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"A fun night out! - From the creator of The Odd Couple, MADC presents one of Neil Simon's finest
comedies, California  Suite. Four comedic scenarios play out in a luxury hotel suite. In Visitor
from New York, a divorced couple argue over custody of their daughter; Visitor from Philadelphia
has a man waking up to a comatose prostitute and his wife about to arrive; In Visitors from London,
an actress frets over her Oscar nomination  and her doomed  marriage; Visitors from Chicago has two
couples ending a disastrous vacation they shouldn't  have shared. Directed by Justin Kyle Camilleri
& Joe Depasquale  and featuring Stefan Cachia Zammit, Maria Pia Meli, Taryn Mamo Cefai, Edward
Caruana Galizia, Jovan Pisani and Christine Borg. California Suite  is not to be missed."