About Our Club
Rotary Club Malta was established on the 6th October 1967 as the first Rotary Club in Malta .  
Rotary is a service club which enables members to provide assistance to our local communities as well as to those far away. Rotary Club Malta has been involved in numerous projects over this time, both in Malta and overseas. Click here to read The History of Rotary Club Malta written by Rotarian Robert von Brockdorff.
Rotary Club Malta is run by an annually elected board and forms part of Rotary International District 2110 (Sicily and Malta) with over 3,700 members in 93 clubs, 3 of which are in the Maltese Islands. Over the years, five of our Club's members have been appointed Rotary District Governors namely, Charles Sammut, Christopher Calascione, Tony Coleiro, Alfred Mangion and, most recently 2017/18), John de Giorgio.   
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