Rotary Club Malta helps the community in times of the Corona virus crisis. Projects to provide assistance to variety of NGOs.

Rotary is all about helping our communities and there has probably not been any time in living memory that communities need our help during the COVID-19 crisis.
In view of the medical and financial hardship that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to so many in Malta, Rotary Club Malta's members have pooled together to create a fund to make support worthy causes on our Island. 

Club President, Nicky Samut-Tagliaferro, has been in contact with a number of local organisations to better understand their needs during this difficult time and to see how Rotary Club Malta could assist them. 
A number of projects have already been started by the Club:
  • Little Sisters of the Poor - supply of much-needed hand sanitising liquid for the Little Sisters of the Poor, who have about 120 persons, including staff under lock-down.  
  • Dar il-Kaptan - a donation of sanitising liquid supplies has been made.
  • Richmond Foundation - funding has also been made available for the purchase of face masks, gloves and other medical supplies needed for staff, helpers and residents
  • Dar tal-Providenza - funding for the purchase of face masks, gloves and other medical supplies needed for staff, helpers and residents
  • Hospice Malta - a financial contribution has been made towards the implementation of effective on-line communication and support with more than 600 of their patients in the absence of home visits.
  • Red Cross Malta - supplied antibacterial face masks which are needed by their staff and volunteers. 
Rotary's motto is "service above self".  While Rotarians are usually involved in the provision of their own service and professional skills, due to the Coronavirus related restrictions many are unable to carry out physical duties however we continue to support the community as best we can under the present circumstances. 
At a global level, Rotarians around the world have stood up to be counted and are running countless Coronavirus related Rotary projects to help their responsive communities in their greatest time of need.