District Governor 2014-2015, Giovanni Vaccaro, today visited Dar il-Kaptan, the respite home in Mtarfa which has been a long term project of Rotary Club Malta.  The Governor was accompanied by District Secretary, Santo Spagnol, and members of the board of Rotary Club Malta, lead by President Alfred Caruana Galizia.

Dar il-Kaptan has been a long term project of Rotary Club Malta since 1989 which lead to its foundation in November 1991.  Dar il-Kaptan is a respite home for families of people with disabilities.  Today, as is traditional during the annual visit of the Governor of District 2110, Sicily and Malta, the Governor 2014,2015, Giovanni Vaccaro visited Dar il-Kaptan together with District Secretary Santo Spagnol.
The Governor was briefed on the work of Dar il-Kaptan and the close involvement with Rotary Club Malta which has undertaken numerous projects over the years after its foundation including multiple expansion projects, the provision of air conditioning in the facility, the replacement of the kitchen 2 years ago, the undertaking of a fire risk assessment and the implementation of remedial facilities like fire doors as well as the provision of various vans to carry out their transport of its clients.  
The Governor was able to meet with the management team lead by Chairperson Jennifer Sant, Marcel Pisani, Joe Gerada, Frank Portelli and Antonella Agius Micallef.  The Governor was truly moved by the work done by the team and proud of Rotary's involvement highlighting this project and long-term financial and personal commitment by Rotary Club Malta to Dar il-Kaptan as being one of the shining examples of Rotarian service within the District.  
The Governor took the opportunity to provide a donation from District to Dar il-Kaptan to further support its work as well as a personal donation in his name.