August 2016
Dear Fellow Rotarians, 
First of all, I would like to thank the previous board members so ably led by John Cooper. The new board met a few days ago and immediately set about planning a road map for the coming Rotary year.I wish to thank the members for their enthusiasm and support.
A few weeks ago I sent a questionnaire to all our members asking for their views on our club.The few who answered were all enthusiastic and found little to question or even suggest. As I had occasion to point out to the new board I am more pragmatic. Our club is an ageing one and this raises serious problems which need to be faced now and solutions found.  In an exercise carried out by Secretary Tonio, 65% of our membership is over 65 years. This does not augur well for the future and creates logistic difficulties as well as certain obligations.
The most salient logistic consideration is the need to rejuvenate our membership.This demands a concerted effort by all of us. We need to attract associates preferably in their late 40’s and early 50’s (although others are of course not excluded).  I shall keep harping on this issue during my presidency as I am truly concerned about the future of our club.
The increasing age of our membership has already had a tangible effect: some elderly members have resigned; some have remained active (or partially so). Of more concern are those members who are plagued with illnesses and other personal problems.  Our club has certain obligations to these members which hitherto have been largely given little attention.  I am therefore proposing a humanitarian approach focussing on the personal needs of our deserving members. I am appointing a small Club Welfare Team who will monitor our membership especially focussing on health problems (perhaps visits at home or in hospital), family bereavement – and, on a more pleasant level, perhaps sending e-birthday cards.This venture needs the cooperation of all our membership.  Anyone who is aware of any of our members who are experiencing personal problems should contact Secretary Tonio who will pass the information to our Welfare Team.
I apologise if I sound rather parochial, but these are issues in which I strongly believe for the benefit of our club.  I assure you that Rotary Club Malta remains vibrant and strong. I have appointed a number of sub committees (see attached doc) with specific terms of reference.We shall continue with our humanitarian projects. Indeed, at our first board meeting we have already examined a number of projects. I shall keep you updated.
We are also exploring a number of social activities and fund- raising events.Unfortunately, the first event, the Kon Tiki boat race had to be postponed because of inclement weather. Ulli has been working non-stop on this event and he deserves all our support. 
I wish you all a pleasant summer.  Remember the Mejda Rotarian.
Lino Cutajar