Rotary Club Malta is holding another in its series of Rotary Hands-On Days where we organise a day of hands-on service within our community.  This year Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike, together with their families and friends, will gather at the Fondazzjoni Wens' Assisted Living apartments in Paola.  Fondazzjoni Wens provides assisted and supervised living facilities for people with disabilities allowing them to continue to live within the community. 

Rotary Club Malta is holding its next Hands-On Day at the independent living apartments premises of Dar il-Wens in Paola on Saturday the 23rd April between 9:30am and 4:00pm where volunteers will undertake a series of tasks to help prepare the house to accommodate new people with a disability.  The Fondazzjoni Wens runs homes and apartments for the disabled to provide them with independent living with supervised assistance and services to enabling people with disabilities to fully participate in community life.  These are places of respite and support that ensure optimal training of these persons to attain independent living skills.  >> Read more about Fondazzjoni Wens.  

The tasks for the day include painting of some rooms, painting of an internal staircase and the removal of considerable amounts of soil from the garden to awaiting trucks, which can only be done through a manual chain Fondazzjoni Wens assisted living apartmentsof people due to the inability to utilise mechanical equipment. This will be an all-day fun event with food, drinks and music being provided.  

The event will be a great help to Dar il-Wens whose resources are limited and are always stretched to provide services to their clients.  

As has happened with previous Hands-On Days, we are seeking to gather a number of volunteers to perform these jobs and sponsors to provide materials.

This will be the eight Rotary Hands-On Day and follows  extremely successful events held at Dar il-Kaptan, Dar Jeane Antide, the Nigret Orphanage in Zurrieq, Dar Fejda and Inspire. The objective of the Rotary Hands-On Days is to get Rotarians, non-Rotarians, families and friends to go up to a place requiring help for a fun day where we will spend energy, more than money, making a difference. It is incredible what a difference we have made in the past events.

So as to arrange all the logistics, it is important for us that participants register their attendance.  Please register each person coming with you.  Register here.

If you have a gardening shovel, please bring it along with you.


Meeting Time: 9.30 am

Address: 8, Triq Hal Salfieni, Paola


Click here for more details and on-line registration