Rotary Club Malta is once again holding its annual Kontiki Challenge in aid of Dar il Kaptan in which Corporations, Clubs and Groups of friends can participate in a challenge to design and build a homemade craft that will be used in a regatta that will be taking place in Balluta Bay on Saturday 11 July. This annual event is great fun and serves as a great team-building, competitive event.  7 teams are already registered.  Read more about the event and sign up a team to take part.

Design and build a Kontiki craft and race it in Balluta Bay on Saturday the 11 July and have a great day out raising money for Dar il-Kaptan.
The annual Rotary Kontiki Regatta, being held in conjunction with the Sliema Local Council, involves teams of friends, companies or other groups to build a sea craft in accordance with the limitations set below and to race the craft along a course set in Balluta Bay.  Participants are to present their crafts at the slip way/pier below Old College Street (see map below) in the morning.  The first race will be held at 12:30pm.
Entry Fee:  €50.00 per head per Class

  • Class 1 - 5 Man or less per Craft (not less than 3 persons)
  • Class 2 - 6 Man or more per Craft (not more than 8 persons)
Participants may race in both classes but MAY NOT use the same craft for both classes

Build Specifications:
  • Crafts can be branded (logos)
  • No engine powered crafts
  • Paddles must be made and used by hand. No shop bought paddles
  • No sharp edges, any corners are to be covered or protected (prevents damage to people in the water)
  • No parts from existing boats to be used
  • All material used must be clean and free from ANY chemicals or any other substance that will pollute salt water. Keep it environmentally friendly.

Participation Terms:
  • Each team is responsible for taking/recovering crafts, parts of crafts or materials from the craft from the sea and disposed of appropriately.
  • Head covering and life jackets MUST be worn
  • All participants must be able to swim. This will be checked on the day: any non-swimmers will not be permitted to race.
  • No persons under 16 years of age (16-18 year olds require parental approval)
  • Crew names must be submitted no later than 3 July 2015 along with the name of the craft(s) and the name of the Craft Captain who will take overall responsibility for the team and the craft.
  • The Craft Captain will also be the main point of contact for the team.
Suggested Format:

Depending on the amount of entries Quarter Finals and Semi Finals may be necessary.
Registrations to be submitted by 3 July 2015 to  For additional information contact Rotarian Ulli Salomo on 9942 0928 or send an email to
All money raised will be used for projects at Dar il-Kaptan, the respite home for the disabled at Mtarfa.