The Rotary Club Malta, in collaboration with clubs from districts 9210, 7390, and 7430, supported a Vocational Training Team Grant in Mfuwe, Zambia, providing medical services and training to thousands. This project, involving over 50 international volunteers, significantly impacted the local community through eye, dental, and medical care

In co-operation with the Mfuwe Rotary Club (District 9210), the York East Rotary Club (District 7390) and Emmaus Rotary Club (District 7430), Rotary Club Malta supported the largest Rotary Foundation Vocational Training Team Grant as conducted in the small village of Mfuwe, Zambia in the first week of November 2023.

This VTT Global Grant Project brought together 53 medical professionals and volunteers from around the world, who provided eye, dental and medical care, and conducted six days of clinics and training at three locations in the Mambwe District. This further involved 5 local Mfuwe Rotary Volunteers and additional local staff and volunteers from various clinics.

A significant number of patients benefited from this initiative: 1,047 received eye care, including 1,440 glasses; 523 received dental care, with 1,420 dental procedures performed; and 1,538 received medical care, including 284 ultrasounds and 84 EKGs. Additionally, 52 albino patients received low vision aids, 88 staff members from the clinics and hospitals received training on eye, dental, and medical topics, and various medical equipment was donated to the clinics.

This collaborative project serves as a testament to Rotary’s People of Action, who are dedicated to making a positive impact in communities both near and far.

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Image Credit: Rotary Club Jumeriah