One of the three Maltese students, recipients of Rotary Grants this year, which will support international post-graduate studies, has just started her course leading to a Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Studies at the University of Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom.
Rotary Club Malta has traditionally placed great emphasis on the Rotary scholarship programme through which a grantee is supported to the tune of $30,000 funded by the Rotary Foundation.


Rotary has a tradition of focusing on granting generous scholarships to students to advance their post-graduate studies in Rotary Foundation's particular areas of focus and over 800 scholarships, each worth US$30,000 are granted each year.  The academic year 2015-2016 is very active in this field among the Maltese clubs with 3 scholars being funded, two by Rotary Club Malta and one by Rotary Club La Vallette.  

Sandra Schembri Wismayer has just started her adventure at the University of Buckinghamshire in High Wycombe, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom where she is undertaking an M.Sc. in Cognitive Behavioural Grant Presentation - Rotary Club Malta to Sandra Schembri WismayerTherapy. Sandra, who has a first degree in Psychology and a Masters in Health Service Management both from the University of Malta, works as the Services Manager and Psychological Support Officer, at the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants offering psychological support and assisting in the development of health, educational and recreational activities and services in the Marsa Open Centre for asylum seekers.  Sandra has received a grant of US$30,000 to finance her studies which will enable her to further develop the support services offered to the migrant community in Malta.

During her stay in the UK her progress is being monitored by the Rotary Club of High Hycombe, coordinated by Rotarian Richard Martyn, who has been of invaluable help and support.  The Club have already met with Sandra who has already met the Club officials who have guided her, together with 11 other scholars being hosted by Clubs in the Oxford District 1090, into settling in to the community including providing a tour of Oxford and a visit to London.  Sandra has already visited a number of Rotary Clubs in the area and will continue to do so over her year of studies, sharing with them her experience as a Rotary grantee and explaining her work among the migrant community in Malta.

Before departing to the United Kingdom Sandra recently met with Rotary Club Malta President John Cooper, District Governor Nominee John de Giorgio, responsible for the grant process, and Simon Bonello who represents the Rotary Foundation for the Malta area appointed by Rotary District 2110.

In a recent email received by our Club from Sandra she explained: "The more I get to know Rotarians and about Rotary, the more I am excited about the great energy that surrounds it. I knew Rotary from afar but now I feel much more involved and hope this will grow in the future". People who know about Rotary know that it is a service club within which Rotarians use their professional and personal skills to help others both in their community local but also internationally.  One of the most wonderful Rotarian programmes must surely be the scholarship programme funded through the Global Grants which invest in the development of youth in our community.  We look forward to welcoming Sandra back to Malta to share her experiences with our Club and community.    
While the Rotary Clubs of Malta and Gozo are usually able to fund one scholarship grant each year, this year the CLubs were fortunate to obtain funding for two scholars, and, in addition Sandra's scholarship is funded through a grant awarded last year.  We therefore have three post-graduate students this year, each benefiting from one of the most generous academic grants available in Malta.