Salv Stellini

Rotarian Salv Stellini's interesting talk last Monday 22nd June was about personal accounts of WW2 he had received while preparing for the George Cross commemorative Medal, which was issued while he was the Maltese High Commissioner in London. 
This talk completed a line of interesting talks throughout the year, organised by Ulli Salomo and Alfred Caruana Galizia. Ulli has been bringing us varied and interesting personalities, now, for three years and the topics are as fresh and interesting as ever. Many thanks to Ulli and Alfred.


An Unpublished Account ?

One of the most amusing accounts received by Salv Stellini was a letter written by a Gladiator pilot: "I was on a reconnaissance flight towards the end of the war (WW2) when my Gladiator started to give me trouble, being too far from Malta I landed on the nearest Island Lampadusa, expecting the worst. When I landed, the commandant of the Island meet me as I got out of the plane and before I could say anything, he surrendered to me, this included his contingency of 3000 troops and part of the Italian Navy".
The many letters, over 1500, received gave similar fascinating unpublished accounts of people's experiences in the War.