Posted on Nov 16, 2021
Rotary Club Malta's members visited Dar il-Kaptan, the respite home for the disable, to celebrate the 30th anniversary since its establishment and the strong links between the two organisations that span all the way from the initial set-up in 1991.
Rotary Club Malta's strong links with Dar il-Kaptan span all the way from the initial set-up of this respite home for the disabled in 1991 and it was therefore important for our Club to celebrate the 30th anniversary since its foundation.  
Dar il-Kaptan offers services to families of people with a disability who need to find people they can trust to care for their children on a temporary basis sometimes just to get a short break from the 24x7 care they give to their children and at times because of their need to undertake their own errands or to travel.  Dar il-Kaptan offers such respite care services either on a day basis for 40 clients or on a short-term (1 week) residential basis.  Rotary Club Malta has supported Dar il-Kaptan with various projects over the years including undertaking all the work to identify a suitable location, equipping the home, provision of 3 vans over time that are used to transport clients, upgrading their kitchen facilities, the establishment of a multi-sensory room, the building of 2 extensions, the equipping of a fitness room, the holding of a Rotary Hands-On Day, the supply of a solar heating system, the implementation of fire safety facilities.  The list goes on. 
It was therefore important for us to celebrate the 30th anniversary by arranging a visit of our members, especially the newer members, and explain the extent of work at Dar il-Kaptan.
Dar il-Kaptan provides an invaluable service to our country and it is only recently that respite services have started to be offered by some smaller organisations.