Rotary Club Malta's History of Support for Dar il-Kaptan

Dar il-Kaptan was Malta's first Restipe Home for the Disabled which allows parents of children with disabilities the opportunity to leave their children in the care of professionals for those short periods when they are unable to provide the care themselves.  Parenting for a child with disabilities is usually a 24x7 job and parents rarely get the chance to get a break needed either just to rest and recover or to be able to undertake errands, or take a brief vacation. It provides a much needed and appreciated service to the community.
Rotary Club Malta was a key instigator of the foundation of Dar il-Kaptan in 1991 and has continued to support the home throughout these years in so many ways.  Apart from the initial refurbishment of the property that houses the home in Mtarfa, many projects have been undertaken such as:
  • the provision of many items of equipment like specialist beds, laundry equipment, kitchen equipment,
  • the provision over the years of 3 different transport vans,
  • the equipping of the home with a solar heating system for the production of hot water
  •  the undertaking of many projects of maintenance including the holding of the first Rotary Hands-On Day where 85 volunteers spent a day carrying out maintenance, gardening, painting etc.
  • the construction of extensions to the home on 3 different occasions
  • the provision of specialist beds
  • the running of a project for the upgrading of fire prevention systems
  • the annual provision of financial support for on-going costs
and the list goes on. Rotary's link to Dar il-Kaptan has been very strong and is also recognised though the naming of the street where the home is located as Rotary Drive.