Rotary Club Malta members largest single club participants at the CIP Meeting

Nine members from Rotary Club Malta attended the CIP Fellowship meeting held at Bra Italy between the 8th and 11th September 2016. As usual our club’s attendance was the largest single club in number of participants attending the weekend. The meeting is a fellowship reunion between Italian,Swiss,Liechtenstein and Maltese Rotarians and wives. Many of the participants attending are repeaters and the languages spoken during the weekend are Italian and English.

We were lodged at Albergo Cantina Ascheri in Bra, which is located over a winery on the ground floor and lower cellars. We were hosted to a visit by the owner of the Cantina Ascheri, producing Barolo, Barbaresco and Gavi wines.Christina Ascheri, who is the hotel owner and a Rotarian,was also chairman of the hosting committee.

Bra and the surrounding cities are connected with the growing of vines and the production of quality wines.A highlight of our visit was the visit to  the Cantina of Fontanafredda which is the largest winery in Italy producing a vast selection of quality wines.We were then dined on the winery grounds in the evening at their five star restaurant.   

The topic of the speakers on the Saturday morning meeting was food, water and climate of the area we visited. All very interesting subjects that had our full attention. Next year’s meeting will be held in the Puglia area in Italy between the 21st and 24th September 2017, and new participants from the three Maltese Rotary clubs will be most welcome to attend.