Posted on Jun 01, 2017
Nunzio Scibilia District Governor 2016-2017
Dear friends in Rotary,
Palermo, 1st June 2017
A year has flown by and I am about to write my last letter as Governor for District 2110. I sincerely hope that I have not been too tedious with my reflections and suggestions, but as you all know, entertaining you with the monthly Rotarian theme is one of my duties. This month we shall look at Rotary Foundation and Rotarian Circles.
In 1917, at the International Congress of Atlanta, with his idea of setting up a fund ‘to do good to the world’, Arch Klumph planted the seed that grew into the Rotary Foundation. Thanks to his vision and to the untiring efforts and the extraordinary generosity of Rotarians in the World, that fund has developed into one of the most important humanitarian foundations of the planet.
That idea and the initial contribution of $26.50 sparked off a power that has seen works of solidarity modifying the life of millions by improving the living conditions of various communities.
As this Rotarian Year comes to an end, RF celebrates its 100th birthday. It has been a century in which Rotarians have been involved in extraordinary activities, placing themselves voluntarily at the service of humanity each contributing with their own professional abilities and using their personal contacts. Since its foundation, Rotary Foundation has invested 3 Billion dollars in sustainable projects with the aim of providing clean water, fighting disease, promoting peace, providing basic instruction and making an effort in developing local economies.
Furthermore, in the last thirty years, we are in the forefront in the effort to eradicate Polio from the World.
Rotarians return to Atlanta from all over the World to celebrate this prestigious anniversary, the Centenary of the Rotary Foundation. It is the perfect occasion to globally share the worthy results and to make sure that all Rotarians and every member of the world communities be aware of the actions accomplished by Rotary and its Foundation. This achievement deserves to be celebrated. Rotarians have set themselves a precise objective, the collection of 300 million dollars during the centenary year. Our donations will allow the Foundation to have a stronger impact during the second centenary of its activities.
Rotarian Circles, known as Rotary Fellowship, are autonomous social groups made up of people who share common passions. Partaking in these fellowships is an enjoyable way of making friends with people from all over the world as well as discovering different ways of “being Rotarians”.
Fellowships are, therefore, groups of Rotarians, of their family members, of alumni and participants to Rotarian programmes who wish to:
 Share common interests, passions, sport, hobbies or professions
 Improve their professional abilities by comparing themselves with people employed in matching activities
 Widen one’s own Rotarian experience by engaging in new opportunities and new acquaintances
 Discover new occasions to work in favour of Rotary and Rotary Foundation
 Discover healthy moments of enjoyment
Several Fellowships were created and they have grown in number in recent years, creating wide programmes based on two fundamental factors: Organising events for members such as bicycle or skiing races, motorcycle excursions, sailing regattas, etc.; creating events to support organizations in aid of the less fortunate groups of people.


Many will remember the world championships held in Italy in recent years: Cycling championships held at Avezzano in 2013; ski championships held at Sestriere in 2012 and in Cortina in 2017; European Golf championships in Ragusa in 2015, etc.

Until last year, each event was held autonomously. But since the splendidly organised ‘inter-fellowship’ event held in Naples in the Springtime of 2015 with the participation of 250 persons from 14 different countries was such a success, a second Fellowship meeting was held in Torino last April. Again, it was most successful and it was held in the usual Rotarian spirit of service.

Well, let us come to a conclusion. My letter writing ends here. I thank all those who have kindly read my letters during this year. I hope not to have disappointed anyone. I have tried to deal with each matter to the best of my abilities and of my Rotarian and personal knowledge. As is my usual way, I have clearly stated my thoughts and if, unknowingly, I may have said or done something that may have hurt some, I apologise but I will not change my views unless I am otherwise convinced and I will then apologise for being mistaken.
In this case, I will not see my apology as an act of weakness, but as the greatest show of strength that a man may express.
My kindest regards to all
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